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Floor-STanding Air Conditioner

Features & benefits

Cooling, Heating & Fan Operation:
  • LG Convertible air conditioners can provide cooling, heating & fan operation. In the cooling mode, it cools the air with an operation range of 18~30°C. In the heating mode, it heats the air with an operation range of 16~30°C. In the fan operation mode, only indoor fan at the selected speed will run, outdoor fan and compres¬sor will be off.
Auto Restart Operation:
  • When there is electricity failure the system shuts off. After resumption of the power, unit will start in the same set conditions prior to the power failure. Memorized condition are on / off condition, operating mode (cooling/heating), set temperature and fan speed.
Hot Start Function:
  • During starting of the unit in the heating mode, it prevents cold air blown from the unit.It starts the indoor fan only after indoor unit pipe temperature reaches a preset value(28°C). When indoor unit pipe temperature has reached 28°C, then for initial 1 minute the indoor fan runs at low speed and after that at the set fan speed.
Wireless Remote Control:

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner

  • It provides ease of control.
Time Delay Safety Function:
  • It delays restarting of the compressor by three minutes thereby preventing damage to the compressor .
Low Ambient Control:
  • If the outdoor temperature drops below certain temper-ature, liquid back to the compressor is prevented by reducing outdoor fan speed. It can prevent frosting of evaporator and keep cooling operation on.
Energy Saving Gold Fin :

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner

  • Heat Exchanger fins are coated with anticorrosive & hydrophilic layers. It prevents the corrosion of heat exchanger. Fins remains as new even after long time operation and maintains its efficiency.
It also saves power & maintenance cost.
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