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Midall Plasma Air Conditioner

Features & benefits

NEO-Plasma Air Purifying System

LG Electronics’ unique neo-plasma air purifying system, equipped with 12-level bio-enzyme filters, has further enhanced its sterilization power. While air passes each level of filters, the system powerfully elimi-nates household's fine dust and molds ordinary odor food smell and cigar smoke, as well as can destroy bacteria's cell walls to completely kill them. It has strong sterilization power.

Have you ever experienced these symptoms?

Though the industrial development has enhanced people's quality of life and their satisfaction in living, it is increasingly creating various kinds of pollution, hazardous substances and viruses. In particular, substances (household tick dust, molds, etc.) that create allergies give rise to respiratory and atopic diseases. Harmful gases, the prime cause of 'new house syndromes,’ create chronic headache.

Healthy Dehumidification LG Wall Mounted Split models feature a Dehumidification mode to remove uncomfortable humidity from the room without over cooling.

Indoor Temperature Distribution Chart

Auto Clean

The main cause of air conditioner's odor is molds that breed in the heatexchanger. If you turn off the air conditioner as it is, molds and bacteria will breed in the wet heat exchanger.

The automatic cleaning function will dry the wet heat exchanger to prevent molds and bacteria from breeding. It will eliminate air conditioner's odor and save you from frequent cleaning efforts.

1 STEP: Dries the evaporator with super-weak, low-noise air blowing, and removes remaining moisture.

2 STEP: Fundamentally removes the sources of molds once again through the neo plasma system.

Low Level Noise & Vibration

In the case of the inverter air conditioner’s outdoor equipment, when indoor temperatures reach your desired levels, you can lower the speed of the compressor operating inside the outdoor equipment, thus further reducing noise compared to ordinary conventional air conditioners.

Also, the indoor equipment, which adopts a BLDC motor, can achieve even quieter and industry’s lowest-level noise, compared to existing conventional air conditioner. Since even the outdoor equipment is quiet, though the air conditioner is hung on the wall, it has subdued noise, thus not disturbing your neighbors. It is perfect for sleeping, studying, and a quiet indoor ambience.

Anti Corrosion Gold FinTM

LG ’s Outdoor Heat Exchanger is coated with a golden anti-corrosive epoxy treatment on the aluminum coil to minimized corrosion. This maintains heat transfer properties of the coil for an extended time where as non-Gold Fin coils progressively lose efficiency due to surface corrosion. Standard on every LG air conditioner, this assists in areas suffering from pollution or near the ocean where the unit may subjected to higher levels of salt. Gold Fin Technology

Optimized Cooling & Heating Air Flow

LG Electronics' air conditioner, which adopts the twin air vanes, blows winds horizontally far away in the cooling mode to prevent direct blowing. And, in the heating mode, the air conditioner pushes winds downwards to provide warm air evenly, thus offering pleasant air.

New Chaos Swing

The most comfortable airflow for the human body can be found in nature. After analysis,LG has applied the scientific Chaos theory to its air conditioners to effectively reproduce a natural breeze. The Chaos technology recreates the flow of natural air by controlling the angle speed and movement of the air vane. It also minimizes the temperature difference between high and low areas in the room,creating a more comfortably conditioned environment.

Even & Fast Air flow

LG Electronics' air conditioner improves the difference between high and low indoor temperatures . It allows you to reach your desired temperatures even faster.

It swings with random angle speed (0ms~12ms) to reproduce a natural breeze

4 Way Auto Swing

LG Air Conditioning units can now automatically distribute the air 4-ways. This effectively eliminates hot and cold patches,keeping the room at a more stable temperature.

Jet CoolTM

The Jet cool function allows quick cooling.
In this mode, strong, cool air is blown at high speed for 30 minutes, until the room temperature reaches 18°C. ARTCOOL MIRROR TYPE

A little interior accent for the modern you.
The romantic pastel colors, subdued luster,modern texture and the super slim design of LG ARTCOOL Mirror are the answers to your unique mood and personality.

Auto Changeover

With heat pump model,cooling and heating operation is changed automatically on the base of setting temp.

Low Ambient

Cools the room as is necessary, even in winter.

- In case you hold a party indoors in winter, you need to operate equipment in the computer server room for long hours, or you cannot open windows for the security's sake, you can cool the room using the Inverter air conditioner.

Under such circumstances, ordinary conventional air conditioners may have heat exchangers in indoor equipment frozen, thus not properly functioning to cool the room. However, in the case of inverter air conditioners, you can adjust the speed of compressors and outdoor equipment's fans to prevent heat exchangers in indoor equipment from being frozen, thus cooling the room more easily.

Digital Air Flow Control

You feel more comfortable and convenient by controlling air flow.

Ez-Replaceable Color Panel

The ARTCOOL chameleon panel enables you to change the air conditioner color according to background colors, the first of its kind in the world. When you want to change interior designs (wallpaper colors, furniture, etc.) or you want to change the air conditioner designs after you are bored with them. You can only change the

Ultra Thin
Technology mixed with sense of art result in the super slim design which is of 129mm depth.

The slimmest in the world!!!

Designed like a work of art, and the new concept of 3 dimensional air flow. It gives even cooling as well as quick cooling from front and both sides making the space evenly cool.

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