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LG South Arfica Air Conditioners

LG Art Cool Air Conditioner Features

Innovative Quiet Operation

To provide a comfortable, pleasant and well balanced environment, LG air conditioners utilize a streamlined air fan and a unique design which create smooth air flow from the air conditioner so that it operates under the lowest noise level. The cross flow fan, stabilizer, and rear guide which are the causes of noise, have been redesigned by hydraulic engineering. The number of revolutions has been decreased while increasing the amount of friction has been decreased providing the most quiet air conditioners in the world.

JET Cool

Jet Cooling function is for quick cooling. In this mode, strong and cool air is blown at high speeds for 30 minutes.

Healthy Dehumidification

The hot and humid air has a tendency to rise by convection. Healthy Dehumidification optimizes this algorithm to keep an optimum humidity without feeling cold in indoor place.

Triple Deodorizing Filter

  • Deodorizing efficiency: 10% up compared used Deodorization Filter

Plasma Air Purifying Filter

The PLASMA Air Purifying Function not only removes microscopic contaminants and dust, but it also removes house mites, pollen, and pet fur to help prevent allergic diseases like asthma. With a filter that can be used over and over again by simply washing with water, you can enjoy clean fresh air without having to worry about changinf the filter every two years as in the past and save costs.
  • Effect of Carbon Nano Ball
Deodorizing efficieny : 8~10 times compared to conventional carbon filter.

Auto Clean System

After using air-conditioner, “Auto Clean’ makes the inner part of Air conditioner dry For Cooling Only models, it lasts for 30 min, for Heat Pump models for 16 min . It removes moisture and mould, so you can enjoy odor-free air and save time to clean up.

Auto Changeover:

While starting the unit it first senses the indoor temperature & starts the unit either in the cooling or in heating mode, depending upon the indoor temperature. Range of operation is Setting Temp.± 2°C.

Energy Saving Gold Fin:

Heat Exchanger fins are coated with anticorrosive & hydrophilic layers. It prevents the corrosion of heat exchanger. Fins remain as new even after long time of operation and maintains efficiency of heat exchanger. It also saves power & maintenance Cost.

Model No.,Colour,Cooling btu/hr,Heating btu/hr

LS-H096ZRL1 Mirror, 9,000, 9,300
LS-H096ZCL1 Cherry, 9,000, 9,300
LS-H096ZML1 Metal 9,000, 9'300
LS-H096ZWL1, Wood, 9,000, 9,300
LS-H126URM1, Mirror, 12,000, 12,500
LS-H126UCM1, Cherry, 12,000, 12,500
LS-H126UMM1, Metal, 12,000, 12,500
LS-H126UWM1, Wood, 12,000, 12,500
LS-H1863RM1, Mirror, 18,000, 19,000
LS-H1863CM1, Cherry, 18,000, 19,000
LS-H1863MM1, Metal , 18,000, 19,000
LS-H1863WM1, Wood, 18,000, 19,000
LS-H2463RM1, Mirror, 24,000, 26,000
LS-H2463CM1, Cherry, 24,000, 26,000
LS-H2463MM1, Metal, 24,000, 26,000
LS-H2463WM1, Wood, 24,000, 26,000
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