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Floor-STanding Air Conditioner

Features & benefits

Depending on the space available, this product can be installed either on the ceiling or on the floor. The vertical flow direction of the cooling air can be controlled by remote control, and its low noise design allows quiet and pleasant cooling.

Less Noise

The product has considerably less noise level inside resulting from changing to the direct-drive method from the pre-established pulley method of the blower and the motor.

Convenience in Installation(convertible flow)

You can adjust the air flow either vertically or horizontally depending on the characteristics of the space where it's installed.

Direct Drive
  • BLDC fan motor has been installed.
  • The air volume can be controlled by the wired remote controller (0~20mmAq)

Convenience in Installation (ESP control facilitated)

You can always control the air flow rate with the wired remote controller regardless of the ESP.

High Efficiency

The device, which has high efficiency/less noise due to the Variable technology used, can be run by motor-generated electricity.

  • High efficiency, less noise, low energy intake, fresh air intake. An invertible fan motor has been installed.
  • The air volume can be controlled by the wired remote controller. (0~20mmAq)
This LG unit is Suitable for high static requirements used for Light commercial & commercial application. The unit is completely assembled, piped and wired in the factory. The indoor and outdoor unit is separately packed & shipped.

Each unit has been tested for pressure and has a holding charge of refrigerant for storage and for shipping.

The compact design, quiet operation and higher cooling capacity makes the condensing units suitable for any outdoor locaŽtion. Light Weight air-handlers make it suitable for ceiling application.

All shipped metal parts are made of commercial grade galvanized steel.

After fabrication, each part is cleaned & coated with baked enamel paint. A complete line of high static blower units are availŽable for precise capacity of application. All indoor units are equipped with micro-processor controlled wired remote controller.

Easy installation
LG Ducted Type units provide many time and money saving features.

  • Micom Control

Time delay relay, anti-short-cycle timer no more required with micom control. Initial cost saving, since the functions of these parts are the main feature of micom control.

  • Easy access remote controller

Remote controller has 3 wires only.
This is another cost and time saving installation feature.
The wiring of low voltage to the unit and remote controller is easy as brown-brown, red-red, yellow-yellow connections.
This simplified system makes it easier for the installer to attach.

  • Compact and light weight design

Durable, dependable components

Waterproof cabinets are constructed of galvanized steel with powder coated painting.(outdoor unit only)
Compact size
enables the unit to be located where space is limited.
Condenser fin guard is designed for safety against sharp edge of outdoor coil.

Micom Control

- Reduce the number of components to operate the unit.
- Component failure is reduced.
- Cooling mode controlled by Micom control through input signal from indoor and outdoor temperature sensor. - Field installed anti short cycle timer and time delay relay not required with micom control.
- Humidifier can be controlled by micom control
Tight Top Cover and Cabinet

- The units incorporate two or three layers top cover. The two or three piece layers overlaps in such a way that water cannot leak into the unit. These overlapped edges are gasketed and sealed to ensure superior water integrity.

Micom Control

  • Gradual power supply for fans, compressor and heater by staging through micom control.
  • In case of power failure, Micom control remembers the previous running condition before power failure. The unit will start again in previous mode when power re-energized.

Product quality and reliability

  • LG Ducted Type unit have been rigorously life tested at the factory for more than 1,500 hours.
  • All of LG Outdoor units were rigorously rain tested at the factory to ensure water tight integrity.
  • Actual shipping tests are performed to determine the best packing. Units are shipped around the country to obtain the best packaging test result.

These test assure that the unit will arrive at your job site in best condition.

  • We perform 100% coil leak test at the factory. The indoor coil and outdoor coils are leak tested at 200psig and pressure tested to 500psig respectively.
  • Every unit goes full run test to meet LG standards requirements.
  • Before units are shipped, 5 units which are selected by sampling undergo STLT(Short Time Lift Test) are for more than 300 hours.
  • All LG Ducted Type units undergo overload cooling tested(ambient temp is 110°F). In this condition, units operated contin­uously without any problem.

Basic & Optional Features Cooling & Fan Operation :

- LG Ducted Type air conditioners can provide cooling & fan operation. In the cooling mode, it cools the air with an operation range of 18~30°C. In the fan operation mode, only indoor fan at the selected speed will run, outdoor fan and compressor will be off.

Auto Restart Operation :

- Whenever there is electricity failure to the unit and after resumption of the power, unit will start in the same mode as prior to the power failure. Memorized condition are on/off condition, operating mode (cooling/heating), set temperature and fan speed. The unit will memorize the above conditions and start with same memorized condition.

Wired Remote Control:

- It can control all the functions of the unit. You can check/set temperature, set timer, holiday & also diagnose the error of the unit. It also has the option of weekly program.

Group Control:

- It enables to control up to 16 units with the help of one wired remote controller. All the units will follow same setting of temperature & other sub functions.

Child Lock Function:

- It prevents the children or others from tampering with the control buttons. Unit can be controlled by the wireless remote controller. This can be easily set by pressing timer key & Min key simultaneously. After child lock is set, pressing any key will display CL on the LCD for 3 seconds and all the keys are ineffective.

Self Diagnosis Function:

- This function provides diagnosis of the unit. An error code will be displayed on the LCD wired remote controller & diagnoŽsis can be done as per the code indication. The same is also printed on key cover of the LCD wired remote controller. Weekly Program:

- It provides on/off schedule of operation for a period of one week.

Time Delay Safety Function:

- It delays restarting of the compressor by three minutes preventing any damage to the compressor.

Two Thermistor Control(Return Air Control)

- There may be a significant difference between the temperature taken at the installed product and indoor temperature. Two thermistor control provides option to control temperature by referring any of the two temperatures. With the help of the slide switch at the back of the LCD wired remote controller, selection of the desired thermistor for controlling the unit can be done. One thermistor is in the Indoor unit & the other one is in the LCD wired remote.

Central Control: (Accessory)

- It enables to control 16 x 8 = 128 unit with the help of 8 controllers. All units can be put on and off from one Central Room. For Setting Temperature, Fan speed and other sub functions, access the LCD wired remote controller of each unit. Energy saving gold fin (Option)

- Outdoor Heat Exchanger fins are coated with gold colored anticorrosive & hydrophilic layers. It prevents the corrosion of heat exchanger. Fins remain as new even after long time of operation and maintain efficiency of heat exchanger con-stant. It also saves power & maintenance Cost

Wireless Remote Control: (Accessory)

- It provides ease of control.

Fire Alarm Function:

- By purchasing a fire alarm locally, installation of the fire alarm is possible. In case of any fire, alarm will sound and the unit will be completely stopped.

LG’s High Technology provide Easy and Low cost Design of Duct work Generally, when External Static Pressure increases air volume decreases. But by controlling BLDC motor while installing the product E.S.P. is controlled from 0~20 mmAq linearly. provides required constant air volume irrespective of ESP change. Desired ESP can also be set through LCD wired remote control. Setting of the desired ESP gives required combination of ESP and airflow.
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